My Creative Space - Heaps of Joy

The whole week, I was pretty busy, but today, oh, miracle, I have a free afternoon! YAY! Just edited all the pics and can take my time to create this post. Mmmm! Bliss! And it's sunny and rather warm outside! Even more bliss! And it's a super quiet house in the middle of the school brake, as my daughter is visiting her friend. Heaps of bliss! :)

First of all, I want to show you another precious visitor, who arrived on Tuesday: It's Gnomey on his wold tour between the members of my favorite Facebook group. :)

Like I said, it has been a pretty busy week for me, so I just continued working at the pieces I had already started: reknitted the pink cap for myself, almost finished the cap for my daughter, and these 3 manadalas could be finished.

And I have started to receive painted cards from my swap partners. These are the first 3, that arrived so far.

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Tee Thompson said...

I love love love gnomes. Great stuff babe